markenkonstrukt GmbH, a corporate communications consultancy with its registered headquarters in Würzburg, decided to specialise in digital media marketing back in 2008. The background to this was the company's experience in its core business of strategic consultancy coupled with the aim of identifying and closing gaps in the market in terms of marketing and sales. The issue to be resolved in terms of mobile marketing was: to provide personalised offerings, to keep wastage as low as possible and ensure tailored added value for the user. To ensure optimal technological implementation, the company has analysed the market and asked independent providers to assess the new 'snip' software. The results were impressive: the technology is 18 months ahead of the market.

Unique position

Redeeming vouchers by mobile phone leaves plastic cards and paper vouchers looking relatively old. Things get updated as and when needed. Mobile phones have recently been serving as vouchers. The software also facilitates questionnaires and votes. Mobile app. users can also organise their own market research by polling target audience needs and responding to customer requirements on a daily basis. Selling goods and services is equally simple. For example app. application users may reserve or immediately purchase goods in the shop which are currently to be sold under restriction. Users are able to manage their own user profile, which means that unwanted information is excluded. Recipients get only things that are beneficial and advantageous on their mobile phones.

Benefits for B2B partners

- Cost-effective marketing opportunity
- Direct mobile phone contact with customers
- Sale of products and services
- POS campaigns through voucher and discount promotions

Customer loyalty & attracting new customers

- Customer card available digitally offline via mobile phone
- Bonus, discount and voucher campaigns as well as competitions
- Invitation to events
- Provision of services and information
- Selective customer pitches a possibility (in order to respond to concrete requirements)

Market research & questionnaires

- Adapting the range of products and services on the basis of voting
- Brand positioning according to target audience

Customer benefits

Installation of the app. is separate from the manufacturer’s app. store. It takes place via text message using an installation link or by inputting an internet address in the mobile phone's browser.  


- The user sends a free text message with a password
- The text message sent in response includes
   a link to the installation
- Clicking on the link installs the application
- The link to the installation can be forwarded to friends
- The application logo is now visible on mobile phones


- Vouchers and coupons
- Premium deals
- Customer card
- Competitions
- Customer surveys
- Opinion polls
- Events
- Information
- Support
- Contact

Editing system

- Work independently via a web interface
- Live input of campaigns
- Campaign evaluation and user behaviour
- Adaptation of regional offers
- Link to existing databases
- Expansion through existing text massage campaigns